Can Not Remove Virtumonde

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Can Not Remove Virtumonde

If you are one of the tens of thousands that can not remove Virtumonde then you should not feel bad.  Evan as an expert computer repair tech I some times have trouble with this bad boy.  Common free tools out there do little to fully remove Virtumonde but if you have not tried them yet and you have a few extra hours to spend then give them a shot.  These tools are Vundofix.exe and Spybot S&D.  While these are decent tools they should not be relied on to actually protect your computer from future attacks because they will not.  No free client on the market gives you real protection. It seems I have to argue with all those FREE software fans out there about it but it’s the truth.

If your looking for a quick way to be Virtumonde free and you can not remove Virtumonde yourself then consider biting the bullet and either paying the 89 bucks to have remove this threat for you or going out and buying Spyware Doctor with Anti-virus.  Spyware Doctor is the best spyware removal software hands down and the main product we use to fully remove Virtumonde and all other spyware threats on systems. You can download the trial or make a purchase on their website at

Most people who find themselves infected with the malware and spyware also have other items such as Smitfraud and Zlob on their system.  Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus should be run in Safe mode for best results and some times you do have to run the scan a few times.  One of the nice things about this company is they offer help to those who have issues removing this threat.  It’s not always the fastest help but they are willing.

To sum it up if you can not remove Virtumonde and have tried all the free options then you will have to break down and throw a few bucks out for the repair.  Consider it a lesson learned and buy protection so you never get infected again.  After all if you had real live protection in the first place you would not of gotten infected.

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