Virtumond.dll Removal Guide

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Virtumonde.dll Removal

Virtumond.dll Removal Guide

You treat Virtumonde.dll almost the same as Virtumonde. The bigger difference is this Virtumonde.dll strain is a little different. The easiest way to remove it would be to pay for actual spyware software like Spyware Doctor at You must run it in safe mode but it works and will remove virtumonde.dll. If you have any issues then the Spyware Doctor people will help you.

Alternatively you can have us remove this threat for you for 89 bucks. Many people don't want to spend the hours it can take so if 89 bucks sounds like a steal to be spyware and virus free then head over to

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Virtumonde.dll Removal

On to the fun part. If you just got infected a week or so ago we suggest doing a system restore first. This will un-install virtumonde.dll. The Virus traces will still be there and we will have to do a clean up but this is the fastest way to get your system back up. Don't worry a system restore is not hard to do and you will not loose your personal files or folders. Any software installed after the restore piont will be removed including Virtumonde.dll. At least most of the time.

Go to the Widnows Start button and select “All Programs” > Accessories > System Tools > System restore.  Start the restore process.  Choose a date when you KNOW you were not infected.  If you just noticed you started having popups last week then go back 2 weeks.  I would always go back an extra week. This will not fully remove the virus but undo damage done.  Your computer will auto reboot during the restore process.

Once your computer re-boots log back in and wait till you see a box saying something like “System Restore Complete”.  Re-boot your computer and enter into safe mode by pressing the F8 key on boot-up. Keep pressing the F8 Key until you see the DOS like screen and then select “Safe Mode with Networking”.  If windows boots normal and you do not see the afore mentioned screen then re-boot and try the F8 thing again. When asked if you would like to continue or do a system restore just select YES to continue.  Make sure you log in under your normal account User name. 

Now that you are ins safemode with networking we will download a few programs and update them. Click the links bellow to download the software needed.

Spyware Doctor
Spybot Search and Destroy

Save all three in a location were you will remember like the desktop. Go ahead and install Spyware Doctor first. Make sure you update the program. Spyware Doctor may try and run after you update the program. Spyware Doctor has a free 30 day trial but it will not remove anything untill you purchase the program. If you want you can just purchase the program and then run the scan and be done with this guide. Your other choice is to stop the auto scan after you update the program. We will still be using this program regardless at the end of this guide to ensure you are virtumonde.dll free.

Go ahead and run the Vundofix tool now. This tool may or may not find anything. Even if it does it may not get everything. You just need to click on the vundix icon and run the program. It does not need to be updated. This scan can take an hour but normally only takes about 30 minutes. Once done it will let you know what it found. If it found anything select all it found and hit the remove button. You may be asked to re-boot. If you are go ahead and re-boot normal and then do a shut down and re-boot into safe mode with networking again. Do not re-boot unless you are asked to.

Now onto Spybot. Double click the install file. Follow the on screen prompts. You will be asked to do a registry backup. You really should do the backup. Also be sure to update the program. Once done run the program and do a scan. Remove the traces the system found. Chances are it found 20-1000 traces of things installed. The less the bettter. That just means the system restore worked. Once done you may be asked to re-boot. If so do it. If the Spybot wants to start on startup let it.

Now run Spyware doctor. The scan is 100% free but to remove anything else it would cost money. The purpose of using Spyware doctor is because it is the best on the market and if you have any traces left over that program will find it. If it finds nothing then YHEAAAAAA!!! you are now virtumonde.dll free. Keep in mind it may find cookies on your system Don't pay this a second thought as cookies can not harm you. You can still remove them but that is optional.

Do a little clean up. If you purchase Spyware doctor you will want to un-install Spybot as it is not needed and will only slow your copmuter down. Also you may still need to change your home page back to normal. Surf the web a bit and see that you have no more pop-ups. Your home page may still be changed when you first launch IE or Firefox. If that is the case just go to "Tool" > Options and change your home page to your favorite site.

Be sure and go to to download the latest Java program as the old one has holes that might allow virtumonde.dll in.

If you have no Anti-Virus or Anti-spyware protection you should consider an all in one solution like the PCTOOLS internet security pack. This has Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and has a firewasll.

If all else fails and you find you are still infected then you will need help form a pro. You can always take your comptuer somewere local or just have is fixed on-line at

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