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Get Rid of Virtumonde

When it comes to getting rid of Virtumonde you can not act fast enough.  Many people look for free ways to save money but take it from an expert it is not worth the wait.  The longer you wait the worse your situation will be and if you end up having to call an expert out the repair bill can be high.

The simplest and perhaps best way to get rid of Virtumonde is to hire out a pro right away.  I know you already thought of this but maybe you do not know it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  How does 89 bucks sound!  For under a hundred bones you can get your computer repaired right this second online by an expert.  Best of all these guys offer a no fix no fee offer.  That means unless they can fix it you do not pay a cent.  That 89 bucks is also a fixed price.  The company is  This is by far the better way to go.

Now I know many of you out there are more hands on and a do it yourselfer.  If that sounds like you and you have a little time on your hands then download a copy right here of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. Head on over to  This stuff works great at removing Virtumonde and it’s what we use when out in the field to fully get rid of Virtumonde.  Please keep in mind that you may have to run the scan a few times to fully remove all traces of Virtumonde because this virus strain is some wicked stuff.

There are NO manual ways to remove Virtumonde.  This is because the traces change all the time.  This does not mean there are no free ways to remove Virtumonde.  Check out our free method over at This is a very hands on approach and can be daunting for those that are not tech savy.  It is worth mentioning some free based programs you can use to also help in the remove process.

Vundofix and Spybot Search and destroy can do some major damage to Virtumonde and Vundo.  These two tools are free and if used right might just fully remove your spyware traces.  Another program we use out in the field is Highjackthis.  That tool is very powerful so for anyone who is not tech savvy do not bother with it because you will most likely end up hosing yourself.

We hope this simple guide was able to remove Virtumonde for you.  If not then try a few of our other in-depth guides and one will work for you.  If you do not have the time then just have the guys at Online Computer Repair do it for you.  They have a no fix no fee gurantee and have a ton of experience removing this threat.

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