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DO NOT buy sysprotect. I like to start off with that first. Sysprotect is a fake anti-spyware program. The program itself is spyware and they try to fool you into purchaing their software to remove the threat that this program placed their in the ifrst place.

Sysprotect is a rouge spywre program that often gets installed onto your computer from threats like virtumonde and vundo. This program shows a fake scan being done and then blasts you with warnings about how dangerous the viruses you have on your computer are and that you must buy their software ware becuase if you don't then your identity will be stolen.

The program also high jacks your home page and you get ton of pop-ups. Even when you do not have the internet browser open you can still get pop-ups. One commen theme that seems to be going around right now is for comercials to start playing. I have heard stories about computers waking up out of hibernation in the middle of the night and start playing videos. This can be a little freaky if your speakers are turned up and you were sleeping.

When it comes to removing Sysprotect you have many different options. Bellow are a few guides that should help you out. If you are not tech savy or don't already have anti-spyware software installed on your computer then you should consider buyinh Spyware Doctor. They have a free scan so at least you can donwload it and see how bad off your computer is.

Remove Sysprotect (This method is the easiest but not free)

There are many companies that remove viruses and spyware online as well.  This is nice because you can have your computer fixed right then and their and not have to lug it around and wait a week for someone to fix it.  The cost of removing sysprotect online is 89 bucks at places like Online Computer Repair.  These guys are great at what they do and they have a no fix no fee policy so you don’t have to pay if they do not take care of you.

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